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"NIKKO" FRP Sectional Water Tank
AYSMP employs Hot-pressed and SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) method in the production. The SMC will be compressed by a 600-ton hydraulic machine, with high temperature of 140C and pressure of 45Kgf/cm order to produce excellent performance and strength of NIKKO FRP panel. To improve the performance of panel, glass fiber cloth will be added to SMC during production. Nikko FRP panel has excellent ultra violet resistance, opaque quality and extreme low sunlight transmission (<0.01%) that prevent growth of algae or microorganisms inside the water tank. The hot-pressed process ensures uniform shape and smooth finishing. The homogeneous shape of FRP panel to ensure more even quality.  


Application Storage of potable and clean water for hygienic purposes and food related industries.
Standards SS 245: 1995
Material SMC, conforming to BS3532 : 1990 and glass fiber type ‘E’ conforming to BS3691 : 1990
Panel Dimensions 1M x 1M or 1M x 0.5M

Air vent
600mm square access manhole

Insect-proof and non-toxic ABS
Reinforcement Stainless steel type SUS 304 for internal reinforcements, Hot dipped galvanized type for external reinforcements.  
Bolts, Nuts & Washer Stainless Steel type SUS 304 for internal, hot dipped galvanized type for external.
Joining Material Non-toxic foam and sealant strips.

Level Indicators
Internal aluminum ladder and external galvanized ladder.

Mild steel mechanical (ruler type).
Skid Base Mild Steel, conforming to BS 4360:1990 Grade 43A, coated with primer coat or galvanized (optional).

Features of "NIKKO" FRP TANK

  • Strong & long durability as made by AYS Metal Products & Engineering Sdn Bhd's excellent hot pressed SMC technique.
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance with safe and clean internal/ external reinforcement.
  • Drains completely at roof and bottom as it uses specially designed roof panel and drainage panel.
  • Prevent leakage completely by using special sealing material (PVC Foam Sealant)
  • Prevent the algae growth in the tank. NIKKO tank FRP panel type are made by SMC hot press method, which has high opaque quality. This opaque quality prevent the evaporation of sterlizer, and stop the algae growth.
  • Safety factor of 6 design structure are reliazed by using strong panels and reinforcement material.
  • Various shape tanks are available by combination of strong panels.


PVC-foam Sealants

Man Hole Cover

High Quality of Hot-Dipped
Galvanized Fasterner



ABS Air Ventilator


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